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Personal Song Projects

Test Description for Original Music


I'll use this page to share personal song projects from time to time.  Some will be completed productions, while others may only be in stripped-down demo form.  Either way, I hope you get some enjoyment from listening!

"Quiet Christmas With You"

Written, Arranged, and Performed by Bruce Wermuth

Song © 2005 Bruce Wermuth Music (ASCAP) 
This arrangement and recording © 2016 Bruce Wermuth Music (ASCAP)

The Musicians:

Brian Piper - Piano, James Driscoll - Bass
Noel Johnston - Guitar, Dan Wojciechowski - Drums
Phyllis Sparks - Harp  (recorded by Nick Sparks at Eclectic Productions, Nashville, TN)
Bruce Wermuth - Vocals and programming
Mixed by David Giangiulio

"When You Smile" 


Written and performed by Bruce Wermuth  

Song © 2007 Bruce Wermuth Music (ASCAP) 

The images accompanying this song are of just a few of the wonderful people who've brightened my days and smiled along with me while making music over the years 2002-2016.  Many are seasoned professionals, while others are  "weekend warriors."  Some I only had the opportunity to work with once, others I've worked with for decades. In either case, we all have shared one thing in common: we all have had fun making music together. Enjoy their beautiful, smiling faces.