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I'll use this page to share personal song projects from time to time.  Some will be completed productions, while others may only be in stripped-down demo form.  Either way, I hope you get some enjoyment from listening!

"Quiet Christmas With You"

Written, Arranged, and Performed by Bruce Wermuth

Song © 2005 Bruce Wermuth Music (ASCAP) 
This arrangement and recording © 2016 Bruce Wermuth Music (ASCAP)

The Musicians:

Brian Piper - Piano, James Driscoll - Bass
Noel Johnston - Guitar, Dan Wojciechowski - Drums
Phyllis Sparks - Harp  (recorded by Nick Sparks at Eclectic Productions, Nashville, TN)
Bruce Wermuth - Vocals and programming
Mixed by David Giangiulio

"When You Smile" 


Written and performed by Bruce Wermuth  

Song © 2007 Bruce Wermuth Music (ASCAP) 

The images accompanying this song are of just a few of the wonderful people who've brightened my days and smiled along with me while making music over the years 2002-2016.  Many are seasoned professionals, while others are  "weekend warriors."  Some I only had the opportunity to work with once, others I've worked with for decades. In either case, we all have shared one thing in common: we all have had fun making music together. Enjoy their beautiful, smiling faces.