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Studio Vocal Performances

studio vocal performances

Below you'll  find a few studio vocal performances, both in solo and in group settings, some with a little back story provided as to the impetus for the project.  I'll update and add on from time to time as new projects surface, or as I uncover older projects fun to listen to again.  Hope you enjoy listening.  

What an interesting project this turned out to be!

The initial request was for me to create and record an a cappella arrangement (i.e., no instruments--voice only) of a very simple well-known ballad, the desire being to create a now-very-popular split screen video with the same person singing all the parts.  Three weeks into the project, however, the program theme shifted, and the song choice changed to this great-but-much-more-rhythmically-complex song, "Do Something", written by Matthew West.  

But the request to create and record a multi-tracked a cappella arrangement remained. 

Though the video was never made, I did finish this arrangement and recorded it for the program, staying true to the directive that it be just my voice making all the sounds heard. 

Matthew, I hope I've done justice to your wonderful song.

The song "Do Something" © 2014 Songs For Delany, Songs Of Southside Independent Music Publishing, External Combustion Music

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